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Guided tours Difficulty level

Difficulty is at a beginner level but it is greatly recommended having paddled with a kayak or canoe before. Sea kayaking demands physical effort.

Please advise us of any health problems that would relate to this activity.   

Weight restriction

Single kayaks have a maximum weight capacity of 280lbs including personal gear. Tandem's have maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs including personal gear. 

Minimum age

Minimum age is 5 years old accompany with a adult in tandem kayak. Minimum age to have a single kayak is 12 years old and up to 18 they must have an adult's supervision at all times .

Weather condition

Guided tours and rentals can be cancelled at any times if there is any susceptible risks to the clients. If you have a reservation and we must cancel, you will be refund at 100% 

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